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Chances are, you started private practice so you can make a difference in the lives of your patients. Somewhere along the way, it became harder and harder to do so. LION Management Services provides tremendous value by taking away the non-clinical functions of your business so you can focus on what you do best. Whether you plan to exit your business or not, LION Management Services can ensure you are increasing your bottom line. For a monthly fee we provide the following:


Network Member Benefits

  • Unlimited access to Retained Network Attorney with Medical and Optometric Expertise.
  • Attorney access for negotiation of office leases.
  • LION Eye Group branding.  i.e., logos, taglines, and value statements.
  • Form a Group Purchasing Organization.
  • Management of GPO with frame, contact lens, equipment, and other product vendors (LION’s current GPO is better than 90% of established GPO Networks).
  • Preferred provider and vendor relationship management and improving member experiences. i.e., surveys, group discussions, evaluations.
  • Non-reimbursed expenses for travel, entertainment, and business expenses used to improve relationships with members, vendors, press employees, providers, potential investors.
  • Biweekly Network update meetings.
  • Keep up to date and informed on all disruptive and innovative technology in the eye care arena.
  • Twice weekly internal meetings for the betterment of the group.
  • Access to Virtual Try-on and Telehealth Solutions.
  • Access to out-of-network vision plan billing.

Management of the Preferred Vendors

  • EHR and PMS
  • Unified Telecommunications Systems
  • State of the Art IT Management
  • Legal
  • Payroll and Benefits for approximately 100-120 employees
  • Human Resources for approximately 100-120 employees
  • Accounting
  • External Medical Biller and Insurance Reconciliation

Website and Marketing Management

  • Website development/ maintenance, SEO, social media, blog services for individual practices.
  • Website development and maintenance of Network Master site –
  • All fees for Domains of the individual practice sites and master site are paid by the MSO.
  • All fees paid for individual emails are paid by the MSO.
  • Administration of LION Eye Group email.
  • All Marketing and Advertising Services such as Press Releases, LinkedIn articles, promotional flyers, COVID protocol, door clings, etc.

Note: Due to press, LION Eye Group was recognized as # 37 in Vision Monday’s Top 50 US Optical Retailers for 2020.


Per the LION Eye Group mission statement and as advised by the Chief Architect for LION Eye Group to be recognized as socially responsible, a charity plan was created.  The MSO is executing the plan by creating LION READS and aligning with Purple Hearts Reunited.

Note:  As a sponsor for medal reunifications in New York on Veteran’s Day, LION Eye Group received free print and television press from PHR.


  • EHR and PMS
  • Product placement
  • Frame and inventory management
  • Virtual try-on
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Coordinate professional training and Continuing Education (CE’s) series

Ophthalmology Network Referral Program

  • Execute and Maintain Ophthalmology Network Referral Program
  • Network Members have access to more medical optometry patients.
  • Maintain tracking sheets for accountability and resource management.
  • Maintain Ophthalmology relationships with on-site visits.

Additional Benefits

  • Troubleshoot or research ad-hoc requests from members.
  • Source and Manage Locum Tenens.
  • Office Maintenance for the practices.
  • Event Planning.
  • HR and payroll service management across the network for 100-120 employees.
  • 401K program management across the network for 100-120 employees.
  • Liaison between HR and the individual practices.
  • Maintain and update all insurances including Unemployment, Disability, and FMLA across the network for 100-120 employees.
  • Maintain LION MSO Insurance options for medical, dental and vision benefits.

I remember vividly, the first time LION really came through for me was when COVID began impacting our practice and I didn’t know how to proceed. Closing and reopening were much easier knowing we were all going through and doing the same thing.  Since then, I have referred to many of my partners, added numerous new best-selling frame lines, and even been able to order frames for customers from lines I don’t carry (because someone in the group does). Working together to improve our bottom line with our neighbor O.Ds instead of only being in competition with them has been such a blessing and I have made some truly new and wonderful friends in this industry. As far as the leadership of the MSO, nobody works harder than the staff, especially Andrea Wallace and Angela Fischels. They are always available at a moment’s notice to help with any issues, including HR. Practice management and hiring employees are among the numerous things they do each day. As far as Jim Vena is concerned, he is a godsend who is making things happen, both now and for our retirement that would never have happened without him. An actual secure retirement wasn’t even in the cards until he came along. Let me finish by saying you will never regret joining this marvelous group of management and doctors who are working together for our future well-being. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Dr. Eric Tennenbaum, O.D.

Lion Eye Group; Cofounding Partner, Vision at Cedar Creek, Inc

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