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LION MSO was founded on January 1, 2021, in New York State to provide administrative and management functions to our optometric clients. Our purpose is to increase valuation through technology and business practices, increase EBIDTA by decreasing overhead through scaling, and remove the burden of non-clinical functions so our clients can focus on providing high-quality medical optometry. Management functions include financial, legal, marketing, human resources, payroll, strategic operations, IT, and web services

Lion Management’s success has come from recognizing industry trends and executing strategic initiatives by partnering with other leaders in the market space. Creating an ophthalmology affiliation and referral system stemmed from the growing shortage of ophthalmologists and surplus of optometrists coupled with the fast-growing, aging demographic of those in need of cataract surgery and general eye care.

Recognized for catapulting one of our clients to #35 of the Top 50 US Retail Retailers of 2020 (Vision Monday) within the first two years of its launch, Lion Management continues to command attention with its ability to execute strategic initiatives. Our track record for increasing valuation has expanded beyond the standard optometric care practice.

If you are ready for critical change, then we are ready for you. Let’s talk.

Change Requires Strength

LION Management believes innovation can only happen with open minds and different points of view.  We strive to create a culture where employees, partners, customers, and community feel included and engaged. We are unwavering in our values and choose to be a platform for social change.

LION Management is proud to create our very own charity, LION READS.

The mission of LION READS is to positively impact the lives of children facing economic injustice through literacy by providing access to eye care and vision correction eyewear, promoting empowerment through education, and securing self-confidence for greater achievement.

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Ready for Critical Change?

If you are looking to sell, seek new revenue streams, embark in new technology, need help managing the non-clinical assets of your business, or simply need strategic advice, we can help. Let's talk and explore your options.